Desert Bloom Veterinary Care Center

Pet Spay/Neuter

As a token of appreciation to our community, we are now offering specialized pricing for spay/neuter services!

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Pet Spay/Neuter Services

Here at Desert Bloom, we pride ourselves in practicing and communicating a high standard of medicine. The safety of your pet is our only concern while under our care. Therefore our spays and neuters include pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter with fluid treatment, and state of the art monitoring.

We appreciate your trust with us, and for more details please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For Rescue Organization special pricing please contact the hospital.

For pets less than three years of age, pricing is as follows


  • Small dog spay: $250
  • Medium dog spay: $275
  • Large dog spay: $350
  • Small dog neuter: $175
  • Medium dog neuter: $225
  • Large dog neuter: $250


  • Feline spay: $175
  • Feline neuter: $125